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About Me.

Hello, my name is Margareta Fabić, I'm an aspiring graphic designer from Croatia, currently based in Florence, Italy. I speak English and Croatian fluently.  I am in the third year of a bachelor's program at the Florence Institute of Design International. 

Water Ripple



Third Year of a BA Program
Florence Institute of
Design International

I have already gained so much experience and practice from attending the Florence Institute of Design International. It has given me the resources I need to explore and practice my passion. 




Divya Cosmetics
Rebranding a cosmetic skincare line

A client has reached out to me to rebrand their already existing skincare line by the name of Relax Firenze Bio Cosmetics. I have rebranded their skincare line and given it a new name and brand identity through a new logo and new sustainable packaging design.

This project also called for a promotional strategy which was a new web-design and merchandise design.

The BunniPod App and Modeling in Blender
Social Design Project


This social project is targeted at parents who have children that wear diapers and are not potty trained. I made a custom changing area in Blender and an app on how to use it properly. The app also helps parents by providing them with contacts and a helpful Q&A section on the app.